Tidbits of knowledge from Mike Newman

What Happens When Chat Bots Talk to Each Other

The Idea

A good friend of mine suggested to me that if two chat bots were engaged in a conversation with one another, they would end up talking forever. I was curious to find out if his theory was correct. At the time, I only knew one online chat bot (LeknorChat4) that could be instructed to contact and talk to another person through AOL Instant Messenger, and could not test the theory because I didn’t have another bot to contact. But recently, I found out about another chat bot, SmarterChild, that works through AIM, and the following results were acquired.


Knowledge Transfer Theory

What we should seek is knowledge and wisdom, not pure information.

We are currently living in a period that many people call the “Information Age”. This new age has been spawned by the microchip revolution and the Internet. It is important to understand what “information” actually is, and how it is lower in importance than knowledge and wisdom: